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Gaelic Fungi Farms

The Farm

The farm’s selection of gourmet mushrooms are grown in a carefully controlled indoor environment. It consists of a laboratory; where the mushrooms cultures are inoculated into the substrate bags, an incubation room; where the mycelium grows throughout the substrate bag in warm dark space, and a grow room; which is a refurbished 20ft shipping container that provides light, and plenty of moisture that allows the mushrooms to thrive.

Growing indoors in this way allows us to grow exotic species from around the world, all year round! 



The Mushroom Growing Process 



The organic substrate used to grow the mushrooms on, is a mixture of; 

(i) Native Irish hardwood sawdust, sourced from a local sawmill.

(ii) Soy hull; a byproduct of the soy bean industry.

(iii) Straw 

Mushrooms thrive on this blend. It is important to us  that we optimize what would otherwise be waste products from other industries and use them to grow delicious & nutritious gourmet mushrooms. 


First - the substrate is hydrated with filtered water and mixed well.


Second - The substrate is bagged up in special grow bags that allows for sufficient air exchange, then taken to the farm lab to be sterilized.

There, they are carefully inoculated with our mushroom grain spawn in a sterile environment.

The inoculated bags are sealed & left in the incubation room for 2-3 weeks.


Third - Once the bags are fully colonized with mycelium, 

they are transported into our fruiting room - this is where the magic happens! 

In 2 weeks we see large beautiful clusters of mushrooms growing before our eyes.


They are then carefully handpicked and sold directly to our customers at our local farmers market. Straight from farm to fork.

All our mushrooms are 100% Irish grown & produced from spore to fruiting bodies on our farm.


Meet The Growers

Meet the growers



Mikael & Eilís Galvez, are passionate fungi advocates. 

They strongly believe in the power of fungi and its holistic healing potentials.

They enjoy sharing the science of growing mushrooms, sharing the medicinal benefits of each species and more than anything, they love to hear people's successful healing stories. 

The farmers specialize in rare species that are renowned worldwide for their distinctive flavors, therapeutic properties, and striking aesthetics.

At the core of Gaelic Fungi Farm's philosophy is a commitment to providing the people with mushrooms that are 100% Irish and organically grown. With an unwavering dedication to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices, the Galvez couple strive to create a product that not only delights the palate but also nourishes the mind, body and earth.  


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